Nestled in the core of Europe, Switzerland fascinates everyone with its giant summits, turquoise lakes, alpine villages, and modern cities.

Swiss beauty expands into many interesting museums, fun and snow parks, ski resorts, vast slopes, and toboggan runs. We mentioned all these things because family travel there cannot be imagined without trying at least one of them. Furthermore, the whole family will enjoy the entire holiday and create unforgettable memories.

Here we prepared a list of the top 7 locations for Swiss family vacation that will mark your journey and make each member of your family satisfied. Of course, there are not enough words to capture them all, but we tried to choose the ones that offer something special to everyone. Let’s check them together:

  1. Lucerne
  2. Interlaken
  3. Montreux
  4. Ticino
  5. Locarno
  6. Zermatt
  7. St. Moritz

1. Lucerne – a family vintage cruise

Vast culture, snowcapped summits, crystal-clear lakes, and child-friendly museums are just some out of the many reasons why Lucerne is one of the favorite family destinations for many people. It is always crowded with numerous attractions that gather visitors from all over the world. Just a short train ride from Zurich, Geneva, Bern, or Lausanne, and you are at one of the best vacation spots.

What can you do in Lucerne on your family trip?

Reasonably, the main touristic attraction of this area is Lake Lucerne. There, the whole crew can enjoy a pleasant afternoon while taking a walk down the park and feeding the ducks. The surrounding landscapes with views over the Alps will enhance the beauty of the moment.

lucerne - chapel bridge - kapellbrucke - sunset - river - buildings - family travel
Serene Lucerne and its famous Chapel Bridge (Kapellbrücke). | Source: Unsplash

Your kids will be more than delighted if you take them on a cogwheel ride starting from the lake shores and elevating to an altitude of 1,798 meters on Mountain Rigi. This would be the greatest family adventure you have ever had!

When there, you can’t miss taking a cruise on a scenic yacht and feast your eyes on the landscapes. Take this time to relax – chill out on the upper deck and enjoy the shift of natural scenery, lavishing villas, and blue colors of the lake.

If you treasure the culture and the history, take your family to the Medieval Old Town of Lucerne and explore its beauty among fountains, bridges, and scenic surroundings.

Your children will be thrilled if you take them to see the Swiss Museum of Transport which is an interactive playground specially designed for children, and of course, adults who are still nurturing their inner child.

There you’ll see the plane hanging from the exterior of the building, the man-made point with drivable boats, and rail carriages. They even offer a course for learning to drive which each kid will enjoy.

It is very educational for everyone, but it is super fun too. You can take a glance at numerous exhibits that will inspire young and curious minds interested in Physics. For example, how movement occurs is explained through simple games and experiments.

The best time for family travel to Lucerne is most likely between May and October. In that period your vacation will be blessed by sunny days and cool breeze, ideal for taking a cruise down the lake.

2. Interlaken – happy unity under the crisp air

Located between the stunning Lake Thun and Lake Brienz, and in the center of the famous Jungfrau Region, Interlaken is a great choice for family travel. There you will be blown away by nature scenery and have a great and adventurous vacation.

What can you do in Interlaken on your family trip?

Your kids can have a lot of fun while skiing, snowboarding, paragliding, and facing the Swiss Alps up from the skies. In the meantime, you and your spouse can capture the most impressive views of Mountain Eiger, Monch, Jungfrau, and the blue-green rivers of Brienz and Thun.

harder kulm - viewing platform - interlaken - family trip
Harder Kulm, a viewing platform at Interlaken. | Source: Flickr

For more excitement, take your kids on a single-day trip to meet the vast charms of Jungfrau. Take a train ride in Grindelwald to the top, visit the Ice Palace and explore the ice formations, then visit the Alpine Sensation where your kids will stand in awe. At the Sphinx Observation Deck, you can make an incredible family selfie.

Does your family like adrenaline-exciting activities at high altitudes?

If so, you have to visit the Adventure Park Interlaken and try one of their courses. Your children will be very enthusiastic while climbing from one tree to another to overcome all the obstacles below them. You can also rent one of the scooter bikes and have a blast while descending the steep hill. On your way down, you will also find numerous spots suitable for a barbecue or a picnic.

The Holiday Region Interlaken offers a variety of excursions for both kids and adults. There you will find a lot of hikes and themed trails dedicated to animals or fairytales in a beautiful natural setting. This journey will also be very educational for your children while you will marvel at the scenery.

3. Montreux – a family promenade filled with flowers

Montreux is a scenic town positioned on the shores of Lake Geneva. A family trip under the mild climate and irresistible smell of flowers will be so refreshing.

Since Montreux is hosting some of the best Christmas markets in the whole of Europe, your kids will surely have a lot of fun.

christmas market montreux - family trip switzerland - family travel
Christmas market in Montreux. | Source: Montreux Noël

What can families do in Montreux?

Together you can take an educational stroll and discover everything about medieval castles that decorate Montreux. Château de Chillon will impress you with its beauty as it is positioned straight on the water at the edge of the flower-lined trail.

Montreux is home to the UNESCO-listed Lavaux Vineyards which are planted in the astonishing setting that overlooks high alpine peaks and Lake Geneva. The lake lies on the opposite side of steep hills between Montreux and Lausanne so it can easily be spotted.

If you want to teach your kids how to appreciate good music, take them to the famous Montreux Jazz Festival. Listening to Jazz in the sunset and watching over the lake will be a special experience.

For a lovely dinner, take your kids to the most popular hotel in the town – Fairmont Le Montreux Palace. Its lavishness will pamper everyone with extravagance and the highest level of relaxation. If you take one of their rooms, be sure that the surrounding scenery will be one of the most beautiful sights you have ever seen!

4. Ticino – Italian and Swiss beauty intertwined for a perfect family trip

Being located in the most southern part of Switzerland, Ticino shares the border with Italy. If you want to be at two places at once and pick up the best of both, this Italian-speaking canton is the perfect place for your family travel.

Italian influence doesn’t end with language – it can be recognized in the architecture, in the cuisine, and many other things, especially in summer, when you will get blown away by the Mediterranean spirit.

A combination of Swiss and Italian charms altogether just can’t go wrong. Being at the spot where the two worlds are merging will make most of your family trip. Your photos will look like postcards with promenades on palm-lined streets and with snowcapped peaks in the background.

What can you do in Ticino as a family?

Since it is placed on the shores of Lake Lugano, Ticino is known for its mesmerizing waterfront promenades. There you will instantly fall in love with the castles of Bellinzona that guide a long history within their thick walls.

For spending more time in nature, all of you can take a stroll down the beautiful Verzasca Valley, feel the fresh air, and maybe have a picnic in the lavishing green world.

To reach the top and leave the noise behind, you can take a cable car ride up to Monte San Salvatore. Having a delicious family dinner at this altitude will be a memorable experience. This moment will be just yours – a bonding time with glasses up and glowing smiles.

In summer, Valle Maggia is the best place to visit and take a dip into one of the many natural crystal clear pools with flat river stones. The TCS camping ground in Gordevio is ideal for children who can spend the whole day making castles out of stones right next to the turquoise water.

bridge over maggia - ticino - switzerland - river - stream - nature
Bridge over Maggia. | Source: Unsplash

Even though the swimming area on the river in Maggia is appropriate for small children, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to bring a life-vest just for precaution when the current increases.

To keep the merriment going, don’t miss the opportunity to visit the scenic village of Maggia, just a few kilometers down the road. There you will find a famous bakery Panetteria Poncini.

For more swimming pleasures, explore more distant swimming spots close to Golino and Intragna and enjoy the hike.

5. Locarno – from the lakeshore to the mountain peaks in the heartbeat

Locarno is positioned on the northern shore of Lago Maggiore and it is the town with the warmest climate in Switzerland – it brags 2,300 hours of sunshine within a year.

The town is famous for its annual film festival held in the PiazzaGrande. All narrow streets from the Old Town are directed to the Piazza – in the center of the town.

locarno - film festival - yellow chairs - old town
All is ready for the film festival in Locarno to begin. | Source: Pixabay

Your kids will be fascinated with palm and lemon trees that flourish abundantly in the town.

What can families do in while in Locarno?

An education family tour will be highly appreciated by everyone through this historically rich area. A castle that dates back to the 12th century, Castello Visconteo, lies at the edge of the Old Town. A good part of it has been preserved in its original state.

If your kids are into art, they will enjoy it while exploring upper-town palazzi house with fine art collections, and in a stroll on the lake promenade afterward.

The famous pilgrimage church of Madonna del Sasso is placed in Orselina, above Locarno. It is being said that the church was established due to the appearance of the Virgin Mary. This spot is the most spectacular viewpoint in Locarno, overlooking the city, the lake, and the mountains.

A cable-car ride from the valley of Verzasca into the hills to soak up the beauty of unspoiled nature will bring peace to each mind. You can also take a boat ride on the lake to Italy and enjoy the pleasant climate.

6. Zermatt – sacred ground for skiers

Does your family like to ski? If so, Zermatt is a perfect place for your family trip, open all year round. The town is car-free, you’ll enjoy each trail, be delighted with steep slopes, and each activity comes with a spectacular Matterhorn in the background.

Winter might be the best time for your holiday, but summer has its own charms, too, so your choice depends on your taste. The resort might be expensive, but with what you get, it is worth every penny.

What can you do as a family in Zermatt?

Matterhorn Glacier Paradise is the highest cable car station in Europe – at 3,883 meters and from there you can see the highest mountains in Italy, France, and Switzerland all at once. When the weather is good, the views are so clear that it looks like they are stretching as far as the Mediterranean. Family photos from this point will be spectacular!

If your kids like to ski, there are numerous ski pistes and hiking trails that will keep them entertained. At the end of the day, you can all relax in one of the local spas, relieve the muscles, and take a dip in an indoor pool.

skiing- family trip in switzerland - skiers - snow - family travel
Many people come to Zermatt to ski. | Source: Pixabay

When you get tired of skiing, take a walk down the town and visit some churches and chapels, and marvel at the architecture. Matterhorn museum will give all the answers related to this pyramid-shaped peak.

In case you love shopping, there are numerous boutique shops you can visit and have lunch in one of the luxury restaurants afterward.

A family selfie with the most famous Swiss alpine mountain in the background is a must! To keep everything stylish, hire a limousine service and arrive there with class.

7. St. Moritz – bonding time in a highly luxurious world

In the Engadin valley, on the St. Moritz Lake, lies one of the most beautiful Swiss ski resorts. Nothing can compete with extravagant boutiques in the center of the town, offering the most famous names in the world of shopping such as Gucci, Valentino, Louis Vuitton, and Bulgari.

St. Moritz is a very famous destination among wealthy people and celebrities who are the most frequent guests, eager to enjoy its prestigious establishments and breathtaking views.

What do families love to do in St. Moritz?

Family time in St. Moritz starts with hiking, mountain biking, boating, and riding in cable cars. And even if you are not princes and princesses from Monaco, you’ll certainly feel like royalty. There, skiers can try something different and ski at night.

Check out how you and your family can have fun while skiing in St. Moritz.

Don’t forget that St. Moritz is the home to one of the most famous fictional characters, Heidi. You can take your kids to her wooden hut and follow the Heidi Flower Trail. The kids will be thrilled and feel like they are part of the fairytale.

Shopping is just one out of many interesting activities that you can do together while there. If your children are mature teenagers, they will have a blast at one of the exciting nightclubs and bars.

For slower pace and sophisticated minds, many museums and art galleries are waiting to be explored.

A meal at Restaurant Engiadina on the shores of St. Moritz Lake will be enjoyed deeply by everyone.

Family travel to St. Moritz is not for everyone’s pocket, but if you are willing to explore this luxurious pearl, we are sure you will have a perfect family vacation.

Family travel in Switzerland – conclusion:

Because of its infinite beauty and various activities for everyone available at any time, Switzerland must be on your list of family trips.

Taking the European travel to its own center is like a song that embroiders sweet rhymes through the Swiss majestic landscapes, luxurious hotels, and picturesque ski resorts. It will shower you with gifts you will treasure greatly and put them deep in your memory.

After reading our list of the top 7 locations for a family vacation in Switzerland, we hope that you will find the one that will bring many happy stories for the whole family. To make sure everything goes perfect, hire our limousine service and provide your family with the luxury and comfort they deserve.