How to choose an airport transfer service?


Hiring an airport transfer service in Switzerland and any other country has become a trend nowadays. No matter what is the reason for your trip (the famous question at airports: “Business or pleasure?”), there has been a great increase in demand since airport transfer service significantly improves your travel experience.

Do you have an upcoming trip that includes air travel?

Make sure that your travel goes smoothly by hiring a reliable Swiss airport transfer company that will organize everything for you.

Swiss airlines airplane
Swiss airlines airplane| source

Tips for choosing an airport transfer service in Switzerland

How to be sure that the company you are hiring is reliable enough?

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Travel tips| source

Here are some tips that will help you choose the best airport transfer service in Switzerland according to your needs:

  • Reputation
  • Budget
  • Book in advance
  • Confirmation
  • Enough space

1.  A good reputation is more valuable than money

Hiring the finest company provides the finest service.

Research all your options, choose between a private airport transfer and an airport shuttle service, and find out which company offers the best quality.

Good online reviews usually speak volumes about the quality of the company’s service.

A company with a good reputation will make sure you have an outstanding experience and enjoy their impeccable service. Book on time and find out why a good reputation is better than money.

2.  Budgeting = awareness

Look for companies that fit your budget and decide whether you want a luxury airport transfer or something simpler. When traveling, money is the first thing to consider. Try to avoid services that will deprive you of money later in your transfer.

3.  Don’t wait until the last minute

Book in advance so that you can get the type of vehicle you need. Many airport transfer companies offer sedans, Mercedes, SUVs, limousines, and vans for larger groups. Consider the number of passengers, the amount of luggage, and then book accordingly.

When you book on time, everything will be organized in detail by following your schedule. All you have to do is relax, and rely on punctual and efficient chauffeured service.

4.  Call or email for the confirmation

Before you book your transfer, make sure you contact the company first and ask them about their prices, ways of paying, additional services, and how it all fits with your schedule. Maybe they offer promotions and discounts, you’ll never know until you ask.

Contact the airport transfer service in Switzerland you hired a few days before the flight to confirm that your reservation is still on the schedule, and check if the chauffeur has the right address for pickup.

5.  Keep calm and pack a suitcase

Your suitcase will decide the mode of travel, provide yourself with enough space to travel comfortably. Explore the company’s options, choose between a car, a van, or a bus that will meet your requirements.

If you are traveling with pets, make sure to check if the airport transfer service in Switzerland you hired allows pets. You can also require car seats if you are traveling with small children, the company will prepare them in advance.

Private Airport Transfers and Airport Shuttles in Switzerland

Whether you travel for business or pleasure, alone or in a large group with a large suitcase, it is important to book in advance.

You can be at ease by knowing that you will be picked up and dropped off right on time to the required destination.

Considering the number of passengers and the amount of luggage, you can choose between those two:

  • a private airport transfer
  • an airport shuttle

Swiss limo services offer you private airport transfer to avoid hassle at the airports and get to your destination in comfort and luxury. By choosing these impeccable services, you can count on punctuality, safety, comfort, and style.

The chauffeurs will pick you up with a nameplate, help you with the luggage, and ensure you have a pleasant and safe ride, without worrying about being late.

airport transfer service in switzerland - limousine - a woman - black and white photo
Your chauffeur will pick you up anywhere.

Private airport transfer is the best way to start your vacation, you can relax and allow your chauffeur to take care of you.

If you are traveling in a larger group, you should hire an airport shuttle. The key is to have enough space to store your luggage and still have a comfortable ride.

Make sure to choose an airport shuttle that will provide enough space for you, your companions, and your luggage.

Airport shuttle services get booked very quickly during the holiday season, so make sure to book on time or you will have to choose vehicles that aren’t exactly what you needed.

Swiss vast affiliate network provides airport transfer services in almost every airport in the country. Here we will state some of them, complimenting their punctuality, reliability, and security.

  • Airport Transfer Basel
  • Airport Transfer Bern
  • Airport Transfer Geneva
  • Airport Transfer Zurich

1.  Airport Transfer Basel

For a comfortable airport transfer, use limousine services in the Basel area and all of Switzerland.

Security, efficiency, reliability, and organization to the slightest detail will be taken care for you.

The chauffeur will answer to all requirements, and your ride in a limo will be the best choice ever made.

Contact the airport transfer service in Basel on time, and have a great, stress-free flight with a limo waiting for you or taking you to the airport according to your schedule.

basel airport
Basel airport during sunset | source

1.  Airport Transfer Bern

Limousine service in Bern will indulge all your needs, there will be no waiting and making lines in public transport, worrying about parking and traffic jams.

If you are attending a business meeting, appear with a top-class car, and leave a lasting impression.

The well-mannered chauffeur will open the door for you and you’ll look great in your elegant clothes. No one will notice that you just had a long flight because small signs of attention like these will only make you smile.

bern airport
Overview of Bern airport during winter | source

2.  Airport Transfer Geneva

Geneva airport transfer services offer transportation to and from Geneva Airport in high-quality limousines.

Being on the border of Switzerland and France, the airport has signs that lead to exits in both countries, you just need to pick yours. The chauffeur will be waiting for you with the nameplate, help you with the luggage and take you to your luxury ride.

In case the time of your flight is changed, the service will be informed since they always track the changes.

panoramic view of geneva airport
Panoramic view of airport in Geneva | source

3.  Airport Transfer Zurich

By many years of professional experience, limo services in Zurich promise you punctuality and security in your airport transfer. High-quality services are flawlessly familiar with the area, especially with Zurich Kloten Airport. They also have access to airports and necessary passes.

You won’t have to spend money on parking spots, and you will get to your destination faster. A hassle-free ride with a reliable chauffeur is guaranteed when it comes to airport transfer in Zurich.

zurich airport inside - airport transfer service in switzerland
Inside of the Zurich international airport | source


Do you need transport to and from an airport?

Follow our tips and do not hesitate to hire a limo company that has a good reputation and great reviews.

Book in advance and choose a vehicle according to your needs, providing enough space for you and your luggage.

With a professional airport transfer in Switzerland, either private transport or an airport shuttle, you will save your valuable time and have a comfortable ride.

Hire a luxurious limo today, and let the service make your trip as smooth as possible.