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Limo on demand is increasing in popularity. The reason why is when you hire a limousine you can rest assured that you will get a maximally comfortable and elegant ride.

Limousine is not just a vehicle, it is a whole service.

The first association that people have when the word comes up is a luxury car. But anyone could buy a car.

Your Uber driver could show up with Mercedes S500 (though it probably won’t ever happen) and be rude, annoying, or simply boring.

black limousine - elegant limousine
Black limo – Photo by Paul Tom from Pexels

The list below shows limousine services in high demand today.

  1. Airport transfers
  2. Business travel
  3. Holiday touring and sightseeing
  4. Prom night
  5. Wedding
  6. Class and family reunions
  7. Night out
  8. Birthday parties
  9. Proposals, bachelor and bachelorette parties
  10. A ride to a spa
limo ride - chauffeur - white limousine
There are many different occasions in which you can have a limo ride. | source

When you hire a this vehicle, you will be assigned a chauffeur alongside.

Read why chauffeur is not the same as driver.

Luxury car drivers are professional chauffeurs who are specially trained in customer service. They are the ones that guarantee a safe trip, are your helping hand, or full assistant. Limo on demand is nothing without them.

Chauffeurs are often connected to the office, which provides them with information about road and traffic conditions.

chauffeur - limo - luxury limousine- black suit - limo on demand
Chauffeurs are your assistants – Photo by Scott Rose on Flickr

They will wait for you at the airport, hold the door for you and take care of your luggage.

So, what you are getting with the limousine is not just a car. It is the top service.

There’s a myriad of reasons to hire a luxury car. Personal vacation, business trip, a meeting, doctor’s appointment…

Keep in mind that these could accommodate groups of one up to thirty people. They come with a tone of accompanying equipment, which makes them multifunctional.

You could use them simply as a comfortable ride to a meeting, or an elegant carriage driving you to the wedding.

Also, you could use it in leisure activities, like celebrating significant dates or having a party with friends.

1. Airport transfers

A limo ride is considered to be one of the best ways to get to and from the airport.

A personal chauffeur will pick you up and drop you off according to your schedule. Limo on demand is perfect for these trips.

limo ride - airport transfer
Airport transfer is always better with a limo ride | source

It is perfect for businessmen who don’t want to waste their time. It is also the best solution when you arrive in a city that you didn’t visit before.

You don’t have to worry if you might have made a wrong turn, or missed one. This will save you precious time and set your mind at ease.

The benefits are numerous, with air conditioning, phone or tablet, a cool drink, and a newspaper you will enjoy in the comfort of your ride.

You will get to your hotel just on time to rest and seize the day, or to go to bed if it is late.

With a professional airport transfer, you can answer your calls, emails, or prepare for the meeting in the comfort of the leather seats.

It is economical, efficient, reliable, and practical.

For example, you can hire a limo for an airport transfer to or from Geneva.

The last thing that you want to do after a long flight is to wait for a ride to transport you to accommodation especially since airports are always so far away.

airport transfers - airport transfer service
Airport transfers – Photo by Anna Gru on Unsplash

It can especially be tiring if you are at a big international airport, like the airport in Zurich. Hire a limousine service in Switzerland to take your worries away.

You might think that there will be a cab at the airport, but this is what hundreds of other passengers have in mind at that exact moment as you do. Limo on demand is a huge advantage in this situation.

It would not be a pleasant experience to be unable to leave the airport and get where you need to be because there’s only a limited number of taxi vehicles available.

On top of that, you have to be careful because there will always be scammers or simply pragmatic entrepreneurs that would take advantage of foreigners or weary travelers and highly overcharge their services.

These are some of the many reasons why hiring airport transfer in a luxury sedan to the desired destination is a good idea.

A chauffeur will wait for you, take care of your luggage and everything will be planned so you don’t have to worry about anything. On top of that comfort is guaranteed.

After all, you should take into consideration the fact that you could easily pay less for a luxurious trensportation than for a simple, overpriced cab.

Whether you are landing at the airport only with a suitcase or with your friends, family, or significant other, hiring one could be the best way to start your experience in another country or city.  

Find out how to choose an airport transfer service in Switzerland.

2. Business Travel

If you have an important business meeting you want it to go smoothly. You want to pitch your ideas perfectly and place your proposals in a great manner. Limo on demand will make things much easier.

business travel - businessman opening a paper
Limousine is perfect for business travel – Photo by Adeolu Eletu on Unsplash

The last thing you want to think about is the traffic jam that might happen on your way to the meeting.

When you are driving to the meeting feeling all stressed out you are not completely concentrated on the driving.

It can easily happen that you miss the turn, have to go the long way only to show up late for the meeting and ruin everything.

If you show up in the luxury car, not only that you are going to be there on time, but also you are unquestionably going to leave an impression.

You will show style and elegance. It will be a good presentation of the fact that you and your company are doing well and that you are taking your public image seriously.

Reasons to hire a limo driver are getting only more obvious if you are going to the meeting in another city, or country.

Your chauffeur will have the best and latest information about traffic jams and road conditions. He or she will know the terrain and all the shortcuts and alleys.

It is their mission to bring you to your destination safe, by the fastest route 

If you are traveling to a business meeting, conference, or summit in another city you could hire a luxury vehicle that would transport you across the entire country.

For example, they would pick you up in Geneva and drive you to the meeting in Saint Gallen.

These vehicles will be equipped with removable tables, which could replace your desk. It will be easy to finish your paperwork and make phone calls.

This way, this means of transport would become your office on the wheels.

You could choose to relax and not work on your trip, but just enjoy and look at the landmarks. No worries, only you and the world passing by.

Check out cool places to visit in Geneva.

Limo on demand – perfect for group business travel

It does not happen rarely that the company needs to send a group of people on a business trip. Limo on demand comes in very handy here.

They can’t go by car because it would be far from comfortable. And other means of transportation might be inefficient, or even inappropriate.

This is why many executives are finding limousine vans to be the best solution.

mercedes benz luxury interior - sprinter van luxury interior - luxury interior of a van - mercedes benz  luxury van
Mercedes-Benz sprinter 591 van luxury interior – source

Vans are going to provide enough space that is needed to fit several passengers comfortably.

Also, they could be adapted with additional equipment like tables for holding paperwork, screens for showing presentations, and even with computers.

It is not so uncommon for it to become a meeting room. That becomes even more important if the trip is going to be a long one.

Do not forget that delegation will represent the company at the meeting, conference, summit, or any other happening that they are headed to.

LIMOUSINE is always going to present the company in the best way.

It will present the company as prosperous enough to hire a luxurious vehicle.

It will also show that the company is thinking about its employees, about their comfort, safety, and well-being.

Every single detail is important when it comes to public relations.

This is why hiring it would bring value that could do much more than compensate for its price.

3. Go sightseeing in a limousine

Switzerland is a country of many hidden beauties. It is famous for its stunning mountains, exquisite lakes, and attractive cities.

If you want to have the ultimate luxurious experience when sightseeing, you should hire a limousine.

To go sightseeing in Switzerland, check out our list of 12 luxury locations in Switzerland.

Firstly, you are going to get the best comfort any vehicle could offer.

Secondly, you should not have to cope with maps that no one can read, or worry about how to get to the wanted destination. No more GPS lady that tells you where to turn right after 200 meters.

And after all, there shouldn’t be that one friend that has to drive and miss all the fun. You could all relax and enjoy the trip, singing songs, playing games, observing and absorbing the scenery. Limo on demand will ensure an enjoyable time for everyone.

Once you are at your destination, the chauffeur will find parking, take care of your belongings, and be there for you.

Keep in mind that these luxury vehicles come in different shapes and they could accommodate many people, so even if you’re not a rich businessman you could afford it by merely sharing the price with your friends.

Make the plan for the road trip, hire a luxury car, and everything else will be taken care of.

limousine in a city - black limo - limo on demand
Holliday touring is better in a limo. | Photo by Vincent Desjardins from PxHere

The only thing you are supposed to do is to relax and create unforgettable memories.

If you feel tired, you can lie down or freshen up with a cool drink. After the sightseeing tour, the chauffeur will take you back to your hotel.

It is usually hard to park in front of crowded tourist spots. Moreover, historically significant places do not allow parking in their surroundings. The taxi would probably drop you off far from the entrance.

Luckily, there is no need to worry about this, because the chauffeur will drop you off in front of the entrance and come back to pick you up. This all comes in every package when you hire a limo on demand.

A trip is always more interesting with the whole crew in one place. With taxis, this isn’t an option.

Be with your friends or family and travel in style to all your destinations. Feast your eyes on the beautiful scenery together!

4. Limousine is perfect for prom

The prom night. This is the night that you are going to remember your whole life.

You would want those memories to be wonderful, right?

prom limo - black hummer limo - prom night - limo on demand for prom
It is perfect for the prom night. | Photo by Roman Boed from PxHere

Most parents have probably been wondering where they can rent a limo for their daughter’s or their son’s prom.

Check out the online reviews, ask friends who already hired them, and you will be on the right track.

Why should you hire a limousine for the prom night?

Here are some suggestions:

  • Arrive like a movie star!
  • Start the party with cool and soft drinks.
  • Listen to your favorite music with your friends.
  • Mercedes Benz matches with your stunning elegancy!
  • All together in one place.
  • An hour-long ride with an epic entrance will be remembered!

If you can’t decide which Mercedes-Benz is perfect for your prom, check out this blog post!

Parents will be at ease since their children won’t be driving. The chauffeur will make sure that teenagers have a safe ride to and from prom.

If there is a large group of friends, a party bus is a perfect choice. When the cost is split, you will get an affordable price.

Safety first, so let the professionals take you to the prom. Shine in your outstanding outfit and have the time of your life! Limo on demand is there for the rest.

This is the night that most of the teenagers romanticize and dream about.

For many teenagers, this might be the first time to feel the glamour of red carpet. The excitement is bound to grow over the rooftop.

And nothing matches the red carpet better!

limousine for prom - prom limo - going to prom
Limo is perfect for prom – source

It sets the scenery much, MUCH better than any other option. Better than the parents’ car, much better than a taxi. It is bound to appear on the perfect prom picture.

But it also has a practical use.

If a chauffeur is driving, it is guaranteed that you are going to arrive anywhere you want safely and on time.

Parents will appreciate this very much, especially during the night most associated with experimentation, especially with drinking alcohol.

Limos have great built-in sound systems, which could serve for bringing the atmosphere up. And even after the main event is done, it will be there, waiting for you.

You could continue with the partying, check hot places in town, or just drive around the city.

This is the end of a carefree and beautiful period.

It should be perfect!

5. Hire a limo for your wedding

The wedding ceremony probably represents the most elegant event in our lives. It requires a lot of planning, but it is also very romantic.

Check out the most luxurious weddings and luxury parties in this article.

Elevate the occasion with a luxury ride. Hire limo on demand.

It is perfect not only for the bride and the groom’s special day but also for other guests who will be involved in the wedding party.

Before choosing a wedding transportation service take the following things into consideration:

  • Time – organize your wedding party on schedule
  • Budget – most transportation services are charged by the hour
  • Referral and review – check online reviews or ask friends who already rented it
  • Hire a photographer for splendid photos
  • Ask for food and beverages
  • Celebrate with a toast in a fancy car

A wedding limo ride is at everyone’s disposal, so if you are attending your best friend’s wedding, you can contact them and arrive there as the most important and the most elegant guest.

wedding limo - bride and groom - kissing - sunset - white limo - limo on demand for wedding
A limo ride will make your day even more special. | source

Check out our guide on how to choose the right wedding car.

6. Limousine services for class and family reunions

Transportation sets the ground for a memorable reunion. Meet with former classmates and old friends in style and be in the spotlight.

The chauffeur will drive to the venue, allowing you to make an extravagant entrance.

A sedan is perfect for two or three people, but if you want to come with the whole crew like in the old days, you can rent a limo bus. You will have the chance to reflex on how you used to have fun. The same can be applied to family reunions.

The chauffeur will be focused on the road, while you and your family will have the time to catch up and enjoy the ride.

family reunion-a family picture
A family reunion. | source

Choose only the best for your family.

7. A night out

If you want to enjoy a night around Geneva with your friends or family, this is the perfect time for a luxury ride!

On some occasions, chauffeurs can get easy access to night clubs, gigs, bars, and concerts.

You can relax, and have a drink or two, without worrying about parking, and driving yourself around.

Gather your friends and paint the town red. Out of your minds on a Saturday night is about to become a reality!

8. Limo on demand for a birthday party

Tired of traditional birthday parties? Think outside the box, have a limo on demand ride for your birthday, and give yourself the unique treatment you deserve.

What birthday are you celebrating? A sweet sixteen, 21st, or 30th? Maybe a big 40th or 50th?

happy birthday - birthday cake
A birthday party is always better with a limo. | Photo by Xiang Gao on Unsplash

A number is just a number, while a birthday is always an occasion to create memories that will last forever.

Provide yourself and your guests an exceptional and elegant transportation.

This is probably the best way to have fun, so don’t hesitate to do it.

On the other hand, if you want to surprise someone for their birthday, this has to be the best gift ever!

Check out other ways you can surprise someone for their birthday!

Gather your friends and close ones, and cruise around the city in the most outstanding way!

9. Proposal, a bachelor or bachelorette party

Special occasions like a proposal or a bachelor/bachelorette party could be embellished by a luxury car ride.

It will provide memorable moments for you and your loved ones.

proposal - engagement ring - woman's hand - hand on a shoulder
It is perfect for a proposal. | Photo by Bailey Hall on Unsplash

Imagine having the most intimate moment inside a fancy car!

Sounds dreamy, right? Royal treatment speaks volumes about you as a couple starting a life together.

A bachelor or bachelorette party is one of those few times in life when you have a perfect excuse to rent a limo. It will make your wild night safe, but also crazy and unforgettable.

As a best man, or as a maid of honor, plan an epic night with memories that will last a lifetime!

10. A ride to a SPA

A relaxing day at the spa sounds like a good idea?

It is a perfect place where you can release stress. A limo on demand can take you to a spa, and enjoy a luxurious day.

Start with a luxurious ride that will compliment your lifestyle. You can go alone or with your partner, experiencing the comfort of the ride together.

The chauffeur will take you to the spa safely to enjoy its privileges with elegance.

A punctual chauffeur will pick you up and drop you off as you arranged. All you need to do is sit back in a comfortable seat, and enjoy the ride.

limousine interior - inside a limo
The limousine interior will make you very comfortable. | source

After this kind of treatment, your skin will be rejuvenated, you will feel energized, and all that in style, extravagance, and comfort.

How much does a limo on demand cost?

You are wondering how much does it cost to rent a limo for a birthday, or what is the average price for a limo rental for prom. Keep reading to find out.

The cost of a limo rental varies depending on a few things and those are:

  • Limo style
  • When will you need one
  • How long will your ride be
  • Is the gratuity included in the cost or not

It is important to ask these questions in advance so you know the price.

If possible, book during the slower times which will help you save money. Also, consider renting for a longer time to reduce the hourly cost.

The average price for a limo rental is $70 (€59) to $150 (€127) per hour and $425 (€359) to $950 (€803) for a night.

The cost for weddings varies from $500 (€422) to $1,100 (€929) while the cost for prom varies from $270 (€228) to $400 (€338).

You should also take into consideration what kind of vehicle you are hiring, how many people will use it, the location, and how many stops you will make.

Due to higher demand, it is more expensive to rent one during night. This also applies to weekends.

For example, if the rental price during the week is $90 (€76) per hour, then it is $120 (€101) per hour on weekends.

Here is a list of approximate prices per hour (tip is not included):

Luxury sedan            2-3 persons                $65–$105 (€55-€89)

Small limo                 4-6 persons                 $85–$130 (€72-€110)

Large limo                6-10 persons                $95–$145 (€80-€122)

Small party bus       12-18 persons               $130–$200 (€110-€169)

Large party bus       20-32 persons               $150–$210 (€127-€177)

How much should you tip a chauffeur?

You should tip your chauffeur between 10 and 20 percent of the total bill. For airport transfers, you should tip an additional $2 to $5 (€1,5 to €4) per bag.

In some companies, it is expected that chauffeurs get tips. In addition to that, don’t forget the effort they are putting to make your ride memorable.


When hiring a limo on demand, you will get a luxurious and the most comfortable vehicle.

Check out 8 top things to consider before hiring a limousine company!

You will be accompanied by a professional that will take care of the logistics and other details that maybe never crossed your mind.

It will add extravagance, luxury, and comfort to your life.

You don’t have to worry about anything, the chauffeur will pick you up and drop you off right on time. When you want the best, have one.

Are you attending a business meeting or a corporate event?

Maybe a taxi would cost less, but a businessman like you should appear in style.

Skip the traffic jams and waiting in line, keep a peaceful mind, and enjoy to the fullest.

Hire a limousine now!
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