In the ultra-luxurious world, limousines with their attractive design and numerous amenities hold an important place. There is no better candidate for elegant and solemn occasions than a limo.

If we peek into the latest trends, there are two models in high demand – the traditional limousine and a stretch limo. The second one is usually chosen due to its similarities with the Hummer limousine.

In this article, we will inform you about essential differences between those two, and we will mention some very interesting facts about limousines you didn’t know before.

You will read about:

  1. Origin of a limo
  2. Difference between stretch limo and a regular limo
  3. Frequently asked questions about stretch limos
  4. Fun facts about this type of vehicles

Keep reading and “stretch” your knowledge!

party in a stretch limousine - champagne glass, toast
Stretch limousines are great to start off your celebrations. | Source: Unsplash

1. The limo origin

Private transportation was extremely favored in Europe. It’s very interesting how the word “limousine” got its meaning.

The term roots from the French word “Limousin”, which represents the name of a province in France.

Shepherding was the primary profession within the region, and, to protect themselves from the cold, they wore cloaks with large hoods.

The original vehicles with the covered compartment got the design that resembled a raised hood of the cloak that shepherds of the Limousin region wore. That’s how the word limousine got its meaning.

2. What is the difference between a limo and a stretch limo?

The term “limousine” can refer to the following things:

  • a town car
  • a sedan
  • a mini SUV
  • an SUV
  • a flex-fuel
  • a hybrid
  • a stretch limousine

So every stretch limousine is a limo, but not all limos are stretch limousines.

black stretch limousine parked next to a river
Not all limousines are stretch limos. | Source: Wiki

Even vans and party buses can be referred to as limousines when they are offered by the company, fully-equipped, and with a professional chauffeur.

In general, limousines differ in terms of purpose, size, color, the number of passengers they can transport, occasions they are appropriate for, amenities, personal preferences, etc.

A stretch limo is an extended version of a large sedan. They differ in:

  • number of passengers one can transport
  • wheelbase
  • speed limits
  • driving techniques (you have to be a bit more careful with stretch limo)

Further on in the text, you’ll read about the features of these two types of vehicles.

1. Regular limousine features

The regular limo can be a sedan or a town car. Either way, it is a classic and highly sophisticated vehicle.

sedan - limousine
Generally speaking, regular limousines are sedans or town cars.

The word ‘sedan’ has a Latin origin – it means ‘to sit’ (‘sedes/sedere’). In Italian, the word ‘sede’ means ‘chair’. By this analogy, the Italian word ‘sedan’ was created back in the 1600s.

A regular sedan limo can transport 3 passengers in great comfort. They are usually used among businessmen who need some privacy while working.

They can also be inconspicuous and easily blend into the traffic without causing a lot of attention.

Although they are smaller in size than stretch limos, standard limos are still very comfortable, with a large trunk and vast legroom.

Maybe they aren’t designed with the same equipment, sedans won’t fail in giving you the feeling of driving in a highly luxurious vehicle.

Still, the latest models come with new amenities, such as:

  • security features such as armoring and bulletproof glass
  • a stereo
  • heated rear seats
  • adjustable rear head restraints
  • remotely controlled air conditioning

2. Stretch limo features

An average stretch limo is equipped with the following:

  • tinted windows
  • full beverage refrigerator
  • TV screens
  • stereo system
  • fiber optic lighting
  • hot tubs
businessman opening the door of a stretch limo in a city
Stretch limousines add elegance and class to any photo.

A stretch limo is more romantic, therefore it is a common choice for weddings. Their elegance and sophistication are always associated with high-class events.

Plus, it is an exquisite background for your photographs. It will perfectly fit with your wedding theme, and dominate in style and class, making the most charming photos ever!

3. Frequently asked questions about stretch limousines

In this part of the text, we will try to answer the most frequently asked questions about this type of vehicles. You’ll read about:

  1. How long is the stretch limo?
  2. How many passengers can fit in a stretch limo?
  3. For what occasion is a stretch limo the best choice?
  4. How much does it cost to rent a stretch limo?
  5. What are the most popular stretch limos on the market?

1. How long is the stretch limo?

On average, a typical stretch limo is about 10 meters long, with a 3-meters-long stretch.

According to the Guinness World Record, the longest limo ever created was 30 meters long. It was named the “American Dream”, and it boasted an impressive amount of 72 seats, 26 wheels, and even a helicopter landing pad.

Both standard limo and stretch limo have the same number of doors – four.

Of course, there are always exceptions, just like with the Lincoln 120 ultra-stretch model which has 5 doors that enable easier entering and exiting.

When in a limo, we should respect a certain code, so it is very important not to open and close the door – it’s the chauffeur’s responsibility. They consider their job very seriously, so just relax in your seats, and let them do their job.

2. How many passengers can fit in a stretch limo?

A stretch limo can accommodate up to 6 passengers in the greatest comfort. Still, some stretch limos are nowadays classified as the six-pack, the eight-pack, and the ten-pack. That doesn’t mean that they can literally accommodate that many passengers in comfort, but rather one or two passengers less.

For example, a super-stretch limo can accommodate up to 14 passengers.

A super stretch SUV limo at its maximum capacity can accommodate up to 26 passengers. That’s a wholesome birthday party, prom night, or a wedding group.

3. For what occasion is a stretch limo the best choice?

Since it is longer in size than a regular limo, a stretch limo is a more practical option for large parties as it can accommodate more passengers.

It also comes in various models and colors that can be ideal for different occasions. The most used color is black, and it’s the primary choice for weddings, prom nights, concerts, sports games, and other special events. But some couples love to choose a white one for their big day.

wedding - bride and groom - kiss - white stretch limo - champagne
This vehicle is perfect as a backdrop for your wedding. | Source: Pixino

4. How much does it cost to rent a stretch limo?

As we mentioned before, limos come in various styles and sizes. In terms of style, you can choose between sedans, SUV limos, and super stretch limos. Each comes with a different cost, so keep in mind what type of limo you want.

The size you choose depends on your preferences. Some limos can accommodate just 4 to 6 passengers, while others can up to 16.

When considering the rental price, it is important to know that the price will increase greatly in the period of high demands.

For instance, Saturday is the most common day for weddings, so companies will probably increase their price on that day.

On the contrary, Tuesday is a slower day which will lower the price.

If you rent a limo for a weekend, you can expect a higher price than on a weekday.

One of the main factors that determine the price of a limo rental is the length of the rental since most companies charge by the hour. If you are hiring a limo for a longer period, you will probably get a discount on your hourly rate which will lower the total rental price.

stretch limo rental price - time - clock - dolar bills
The major factor that affects the limo rental cost is the length of the rental.

How much does it cost to rent a stretch limo for 4 hours?

Limo rental cost for a stretch limo that can accommodate up to 20-passengers for 4 hours will vary from $400 to $1,000.

How much does it cost to rent a stretch limo for 5 hours?

If you want to rent a stretch Hummer or limo party bus for 5 hours the cost will vary from $750 to $1,500.

How much does it cost to rent a stretch limo for 6 hours?

If you want to rent a stretch limo that can accommodate up to 10 passengers and for 6 hours, the cost will vary from $540 and $900.

How much does it cost to rent a stretch limo for a day?

The cost of a stretch limo that can accommodate up to 20 passengers will range from $500 and $1,250 for a day.

The cheapest periods of the day for hiring a limo are weekday afternoons, especially on regular days without holidays.

For instance, hiring a stretch Hummer-limo is around $125 per hour if you rent it at least four hours before 5:00 p.m. If you want to rent it after 5:00 p.m., you have to do it for at least five hours and the cost will be around $625.

How much does it cost to rent a stretch limo for a night?

Limo rental cost for a night can vary from $270 (for 8 passengers) to $950 (for 20 passengers).

Limo rental cost during the week is usually $90 per hour and $120 per hour during weekends.

As we said before, stretch limos are popular group transportation for events such as concerts, sporting events, and proms, so book in advance and you will pay less.

For detailed information about limo rental costs check out this blog post.

How much should you tip a chauffeur?

It’s very simple. You just add 15-20% to the total price, but some companies include the tip, so make sure to ask.

When hiring a limo service, let them know the occasion and how many passengers will travel with you, and they will help you to determine what model of a limo will fit the best.

5. What are the most popular stretch limos on the market?

  1. Prestige Limousine (a British company) made the original 400-hp Ferrari F1 360 limo by joining nonstructural carbon-fiber panels bonded to the already existing Ferrari. This limo boasts giant Ferrari-red gull-wing doors.
  2. Avolar Limo created a custom-built 312-horsepower Camaro limo, famous for its nickname Bumblebee Transformers. You can guess how it earned that nickname.
  3. Canadian Michael Pettipas made the Indycar-style GP limousine that looks like an elegant monster truck.
  4. The Batmobile limo boasts all the gadgets that the very first Batmobile was fitted with.
  5. If you want a deluxe money robbery theme on your bachelor party, the Vault by Armored Limo is a perfect choice.
  6. The limo that brags the hugest tires is the 350-hp Monster Limo. They are over the fascinating 120 cm in diameter!
  7. Designed around the V-class Mercedes-Benz van, the upscale stretch limo is the v-class VIP Limousine from KLASSEN. All operations from this limo are controlled with an app.
Check out why Batmobile limo is very popular.

4. Interesting facts about stretch limousines

Fun fact no. 1

The first stretch limo appeared in 1928. At that time, their only use was to transport famous bands to and from their concerts. This is the reason why they are referred to as a “big band bus”.

Fun fact no. 2

In 1997, the longest limousine in the world was built by Jay Ohrberg in California. It was 100 feet long, and it had 26 wheels.

The limo was divided into 3 sections: the front, the middle, and the back. It could even be divided in half to change directions. Other unique elements were a Jacuzzi, a swimming pool and a diving board, a sun deck, a king-sized bed, a satellite dish, two fax machines, and a helipad.

The longest limo got its nickname – A “never-ending” limo, and it appeared in many movies as a true sensation. It was also massively booked by people who sought the ultimate luxury experience.

Fun fact no. 3

Super stretch limos can accommodate up to 14 people, and some can even accommodate up to 20.

As you can assume, these vehicles are very long and they exist in various models: Hummers, Escalade, Lincoln Town Cars, Deville’s, Excursions, and Party Buses. They also differ in colors, and it may sound strange, but the most famous is pink!

pink stretch limo
Pink is a very popular color when it comes to stretch limos. | Source: Pxfuel

They are perfect for group events such as birthdays and bachelor/bachelorette as they provide enough space and comfort. And for one more reason – super stretch limousines are equipped with the latest tech features and amenities – such as the dance floor, so your party will certainly be a big success!

As they are very large, getting in and out can be a bit unpractical, and for that reason, newer models usually come with side rear doors. Limo companies have initiated the design of the super stretch limousines that have five doors.

Their length also affects the driving part, it can be difficult to steer it. For that reason, it is expected from a chauffeur to be licensed and highly experienced.

Read all you wanted to know about chauffeurs here.

Fun fact no. 4

Have you ever been wondering who owns the limousines? They are usually a government’s property used to transport statesmen. They are also very commonly used by large companies who transport clients and executives, then broadcasters who transport their guests, and of course, some belong to individuals.

Still, it’s a rarity that an individual owns a stretch limo. Most builders of stretch beauties are based in Europe and the USA, and they mainly distribute limousine companies.

As a stretch limo seeks a lot of space on the road and while parking, it can be quite challenging compared to a regular sedan. Most parking spots are only suitable for regular cars, and, as you know, roadside parking is mostly forbidden.

Then the only parking option would be an area especially made for these heavy vehicles, along with trucks and buses. This misfortune in a way deteriorates the limo’s association with comfort and luxury.

Fun fact no. 5

Even though limos are very safe vehicles in general, the industry stays highly unreliable. Stretch limos are less secure, mainly converted ones.

They lack reachable emergency exits, side-impact airbags, and reinforced rollover protection bars. To compensate for these inconveniences, the chauffeur’s qualifications must be immaculate.

Just try to imagine how troublesome and challenging can be making a U-turn with these large cars! This specifically refers to “Franken-creations”.

Logically, manufactured stretch limousines need to strictly follow safety regulations. In addition, most responsible companies exclusively hire chauffeurs who have passed training and the entire background check.

We gave you this info with one aim – not to scare you, but to warn you to be very careful when choosing a stretch limo for your event. You should enjoy your ride, without worrying about possible risks.

Stretch limo vs. limo – conclusion:

One thing is for sure: a limo provides you with the amenities that a standard car is unable to. For example, the limo’s length gives you space for various occasions. But there are not so many people who will buy it for family purposes, instead, the limo is mainly used for special events.

Stretch limo vs. limo?

We mentioned the main differences between those two. Basically, a stretch limo is an extended version of a large sedan. Both of them can be called limos.

You maybe won’t buy them, but you can certainly rent them. No matter the size, shape, and color, they are the ultimate fun!

Choose the one according to your taste, and experience the most fascinating ride of your life!