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If you want comfort, luxury, and professionalism during your travels, limousines are the right choice.

But how do you decide which one is the right for you?

This article will help you.

When you are planning to book a luxury ride, you need to know what is best for you. So, to make things clearer, in this article we will give you detailed descriptions of limousine models.

In this article we will talk about:

1. Limousine types

2. Differences between regular and stretch limousines

3. The origin of limousines

1. Tupes of limousines

In the list bellow we included 8 different limousine types

  1. Lincoln
  2. Sedan
  3. SUV limo
  4. Hummer
  5. Limo Bus
  6. The Convertible
  7. Classic Vintage
  8. Stretch

1. Lincoln limousine

Lincoln is considered to be very comfortable, elegant, and stylish. Many people associate it with luxury.

It is believed that most buyers have been interested in this model for many years. Inside this luxury car, there is state-of-the-art technology, more seating space, bar, entertainment amenities. The interior also features a centrally controlled temperature system as well as navigation.

The Lincoln model is designed so that safety measures are taken into account, and that is the most important thing with this type of limousine.

Many people decide to reserve this car for weddings, parties, birthdays or business trips, because of its elegance and comfort.

The first generation of Lincoln as a town car was produced back in 1981. From 1983 until 2011, when production ceased, the Lincoln town car was the longest-running car in the world produced by the American company Ford.

Read what to expect when you hire a town car.

It is interesting to note that in 1989, Lincoln Town Car was commissioned by the President of the United States George Bush for the presidential state car. Read more about presidential limousines here.

black limo - lincoln town car - black lincoln town car - stretch limousine
Black Lincoln town car | Source: Wiki

Later, new Lincoln series appeared, from 2008 to 2016, the Lincoln MKS model dominated. Four years ago, this model was replaced by the Lincoln Continental.

The latest series of Lincoln Continental luxury cars is medium-sized and full-size. It has five seats, and it will cost you almost 50.000 US dollars.

Other Lincoln models have up to a maximum of 8 seats, and to book a ride in them you will need around 200 euros.

2. Sedan limo

The sedan is the least expensive limo to rent. Its advantage is that it is suitable for business travel in the city if you travel and work at the same time.

Unlike others, this luxury car is smaller and can accommodate three to four people.

Synonymous with the sedan is elegance and sophistication, which is why it is often hired by business executives to enjoy luxury transportation.

types of limousines - Mercedes Maybach S 500 4MATIC - luxury sedan - black limo
Mercedes Maybach luxury sedan | Source: Wiki

If you want to meet the client and evoke a positive first impression without any effort, this car is the ideal solution for your choice.

The sedan is one of the most cost-effective for your trip. Many business people rent it for a ride from/to the airport to a certain place or to go to meetings and conferences.

This car is also suitable for pleasure rides, but also to arrive in time and in style at the right location.

In Germany, the term sedan is similar to a limo, and among the best in Germany are The VW Phaeton, Audi A8L, Mercedes Maybach, as well as the BMW 7-series.

3. SUV limo

If you are planning to go on a trip with family or friends, then an SUV is the best solution.

Check out what SUV limousine is like.

This luxury car is large and spacious, and its advantages are comfort, luxury, and style.

The interior is equipped with multimedia technology, television, and audio systems. Also, the SUV has a big trunk for your things or a stroller.

Due to its spaciousness and luxury, it can also be rented for celebrations, prom nights, as well as birthdays.

This car guarantees comfort, and you can relax with champagne while someone drives you safely.

Due to its spaciousness, you will feel at home. The maximum number of people that can ride in it is 7.

As most limousines, the SUVs are predominantly black and offer elite experience, as well as sophistication.

Because of that, businessmen or celebrities often choose a black shade.

On the other hand, white shade vehicles are most often hired for weddings, they express cheerfulness and the same amount of sophistication as the black ones.

 Luxury cars of various other colors are also available, but the trademark color is black.

4. Hummer limousine

The Hummer looks similar to a truck, it is rough and robust. The advantage of this limousine is that it has a huge capacity and can accommodate more than 20 people.

Its interior is a real luxury for users. In this car, you can find large TVs, video game slots, bars, leather seats, as well as a casino.

hummer limousine - limousine for prom - limousine for special occasions
Hummer limousines are very popular for proms.| Source: Pxhere

Men rent Hummer more because of its appearance, and it is rumored that it looks “hard”. You can relax, for example, play poker while riding in it, and good fun is guaranteed until you get to your destination.

They are not solely reserved for men. They are perfect for girls too. Owing to its ample space and luxury, they can organize, for example, girls’ evenings.

Check out the occasions in which people hire limousines the most.

Due to its size and dimensions of the so-called giant, all eyes will be on this car, so you can find yourself in the center of attention.

The Hummer was made for the American market but later became popular around the world. While driving, you can take photos and impress your followers on social networks. You can keep the photos for yourself and have fond memories to cherish.

5. Limo bus

A different name for this bus is a party bus. As the name suggests it is ideal for parties.

Its comfort is at the highest level as it comes with a fully equipped toilet.

The interior also includes a disco floor, a sofa for leisure, a bar where you can enjoy a good drink.

The bus is very spacious, and at the same time it can accommodate more than 30 passengers.

It is suitable for city tours, bachelor parties, birthdays, as well as for various family celebrations.

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Due to its space, which is extremely large, it is one of the largest luxury vehicles among all other models.

You have everything in the party bus, so fun on wheels is an ideal opportunity to treat yourself to a luxurious treatment.

However, you can rent this model to tour a city.

One of the most expensive luxury buses in the whole world is the Marchi Mobile EleMMent Palazzo. Its length reaches up to 20 meters and costs a whopping 3 million dollars.

It is designed to have a modern futuristic look, as evidenced by the transparent glass roof.

It can be customized to be whatever you want it to be, from a mobile home to a luxury transportation vehicle.

Check out the futuristic Marchi Mobile EleMMent Palazzo.

Also, among the most luxurious buses is the Vantare Platinum Plus, and one of the most powerful of all time is the Marathon Coach 1301.

6. The Convertible Limo

This model is similar to other limousines, but what distinguishes it is the open roof.

With the remote control, the driver can adjust whether the roof will be open or closed. It is therefore ideal for summer rides and enjoyment.

The convertible also offers bars, entertainment space, and it can fit more than eight people.

Due to its spaciousness, this vehicle is suitable for weddings, birthdays, or prom nights.

Newer model of convertible limo.

Unlike the others that do not have a movable roof and have tinted windows, the manufacturers have taken the cabriolet a step further. This feature gives the vehicle an unusual and exotic look.

One of the amazing models that has been designed is The Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 Cabriolet. This sedan is a display of the future and electric driving. It is designed as an electric car. This convertible model is 20 feet long, and its rounded front part resembles the shape of a luxury yacht.

The interior consists of luxurious white seats, as well as the wooden floor,  technology and  biometric sensors.

Another luxury model is the Toyota Century Convertible Limo. Toyota’s convertible was created when the Japanese Emperor Naruhito was crowned, so for that purpose, this manufacturer made a parade vehicle for the ceremony.

This model is mainly produced in limited numbers for the Japanese elite.

Also worth mentioning is the Rolls-Royce Dawn convertible which is a true work of art. It also received the epithet as the sexiest Roll Roice ever produced.

Its production began in 2016, and the speed and comfort of this sedan are the ideal solution to enjoy while driving.

7. Classic Vintage Limousine

This vehicle is for all those who like the antique design.

This model accommodates four passengers.

However, that does not mean that it is not spacious. Comfort and luxury come first in this industry.

Vintage limousines are very popular and widely used. They are suitable for travel to airports and various other places.

You will not regret choosing this model for your wedding, because they are extremely suitable for such a ceremony.

vintage limousine - white limo - wedding limo
Vintage limo | Source: Pxhere

With good style and luxurious interior as well as a glass of wine, you will enjoy your luxury ride.

8. Stretch limo

This model is a stretched version of the limo, as its name suggests.

It is very suitable for organized events, because it can accommodate more than four people.

The seats in this vehicle are arranged so that they are located on the sides and rear.

Interior includes LED lights, audio and visual systems, bar, drinks.

In order to separate the driver from the passengers, there is also a window in this luxury car, which is the border part for those two parts.

The driver and passengers can adjust the windows to open and close them by pressing the button on the remote control.

Because of this design, it provides enough privacy for both the chauffeur and passengers.

Its space is suitable for weddings, prom nights, as well as birthday celebrations.

stretch limo - classic stretch limousine - black limousine  - types of limousines
Stretch limo | Source: Wiki

Out of all luxury vehicles, users are most interested in the classic stretch limousine.

But is limousine the same as stretch limo? Keep reading to find out.

2. Limo vs. Stretch Limo – Are they the same?

As mentioned above, there are different types and models of limousines.

They differ in size, purpose, colors, conveniences. Also, one of the most significant differences is the number of passengers they can accommodate, but also which events they are more appropriate for.

Differences between the them are:

  • Number of passengers and size
  • Events they are suitable for
  • Amenities

Characteristics of ordinary limousines (sedans)

When it comes to them, people usually think of a luxury sedan, because it is the most common.

The etymology of the word sedan comes from the Latin verb and the Italian word „sede“ which means chair or covered chair on pillars. After that, the Italian word sedan was coined at the beginning of the 17th century.

The standard sedan can comfortably accommodate three people. It is usually used as a means of transportation for business people or their clients and bosses.

Mercedes Benz manufactures amazing sedans, check out which one is for you.

Despite the fact that the sedans are smaller than the stretch limousines, they are still extremely comfortable and have a lot of leg space. They also have a large trunk for optimal storage capacity.

Although not all of them have the same equipment, absolute luxury and enjoyment are their inseparable part.

Newer limousine models have all the current luxury amenities such as heated seats, air conditioning and stereo, adjustable headrests, and various other things. Armor and bulletproof glass are also available for safety and security.

A sedan is classy, ​​has an old-school look, and is synonymous with sophistication. All this makes it one of our favourites.

Characteristics of a stretch limo

On the other hand, stretch limos are an extended model of sedans. The typical stretch model reaches a length of about 10 meters, with a stroke of 3 meters.

“American Dream” is the name of the longest limousine made in the world. It entered the Guinness Book of Records.

This vehicle was 30 meters long, had 72 seats, 26 wheels, as well as a helicopter landing pad.

Both regular and stretch versions of luxury cars have 4 doors. However, the Lincoln 120 ultra-stretch model has 5 doors for easier entry and exit.

For comfort, stretch models can accommodate up to six passengers.

That is why they are an ideal solution for transporting a group of friends or for a family trip. They come in a variety of colors and models and can be used on a variety of occasions.

The interior of the stretch limousine is embellished with TVs, a stereo system, tinted windows, a fridge, the latest lighting, hot tubs, and many others.

Read what to expect in the limo interior.

They can look very romantic, therefore are very suitable for a wedding ceremony. Owing to its elegant look this vehicle is very often connected with high-class events.

It represents a perfect background for a photo shoot and is very popular.

If you are traveling with a few more people then it is definitely a better solution for you to rent a stretch version. However, if there are two or three of you, a luxury sedan is a better option.

Super-stretch limousines

Some stretch limousines can accommodate more than 14 people, and for some, the number goes to as many as 20 passengers and they are called super-stretch versions.

The models are huge, and among the most popular are Lincoln Town Cars, Hummers, Deville’s, Escalades, Excursions, and Party Buses.

They can be available in different colors, and people are most interested in, believe it or not, pink, in addition to the black version.

Super-Stretch models are very suitable for celebrating bachelorette/bachelor parties as well as for birthdays.

The interior of the super-stretch version of this luxury car comes with a dance floor, as well as the latest modern technology, so fun is guaranteed.

The problem with their very large length is that it is difficult to get in and out of the vehicle.

For easier access, a large number of companies have started to build a fifth door on this model.

types of limousines - super stretch limousine - white limousine - fifth door in a limousine
Fifth door of a super-stretch limousine | Source: Pixabay

It is very important to have an experienced driver behind the wheel, who has a license, because due to the length it is very difficult to drive this model.

It is also interesting that these cars are mostly owned by governments in order to transport politicians and statesmen. They also come into the hands of large companies for the transportation of guests or managers, and some are also owned by individuals.

Europe and the United States are the places where most stretch limousine manufacturers are concentrated.

Due to their length, they require large space on the road and need plenty of space to park, while for regular ones this is much easier.

These models cannot be parked in a regular parking lot, the only parking space could be space for oversized vehicles.

Although luxurious and eye-catching, stretch sedans are less safe to drive, especially those that have been redesigned.

What makes it less safe is the lack of side-impact airbags, accessible emergency exits, and the lack of reinforced protective grilles against overturning.

However, serious stretch model companies require strict safety regulations, and drivers must be fully inspected and trained.

Some of the most popular stretch limousines in the world are: Ferrari F1 360; Camaro; The Indycar-style GP; The Vault; The 350-hp Monster.

Limousine rental price

The average cost of renting a limousine is considered to be from 70 to 150 dollars per hour. However, the price is different when it comes to the night and it ranges from 425 to 950 dollars.

When it comes to weddings, the price varies from 500 to 1.100 dollars. For prom nights, the price is lower, so it ranges from around 270 to 400 dollars.

It is very important that you first know what your budget is and then look at what kind of vehicle you will rent.

You also need to think about how many people will use it and for how long, as well as the specific driving position and number of stops.

That is why the price of a limousine that can accommodate 20 people a day is from 500 to 1250 dollars. Increased demand for night rentals caused an increase in price.

 For a luxury car that accommodates 20 people overnight, the price would be $950. As for the night, the price is the same for weekends.

To summarize, the price of a limousine rental depends on three key factors:

  • type of the vehicle
  • number of passengers
  • price per hour

That’s why it’s best when you contact a limousine service, to let them know how many people will be traveling, as well as other details. That way, they will recommend which model would be the best solution for you.

3 . The origin of limousines

A large luxury vehicle driven by a chauffeur is considered to be a limousine. It also includes special barrier between the driver and the passenger compartment.

It is a symbol of luxury living.

The term and appearance of the limousines happens even before the invention of motorized cars.

They existed during the era of horses and carriages. How come?

Many centuries ago, rich people traveled in special carriages and were hidden from public view.

carriage - black carriage
Limousine of the past | Source: Wiki

When we compare this to later luxury limousines we can find something in common – both guarantee great user privacy.

In modern times, the driver is separated from the passengers by a glass partition. In the past driver would be sitting outside and driving the carriage.

Luxury private vehicles with personal drivers were very popular throughout Europe. The term limousine itself comes from the French word limousin, which is the eponym of a province in France.

This area of ​​France is located at the foot of the central massif, which is known for its long and cold winters and a large number of snowy days.

In the province, the main occupation was pastoral care. To protect themselves from strong and harsh weather, the shepherd’s main clothing was a cloak with a large hood.

The covered part of the first carriages looked like the raised hood of a coat worn by shepherds from the French region of Limousin.

That is how the word got the meaning it has today.


We hope that with this article all doubts about types of limousines and the vehicles themselfes you had are resolved.

They used to be a status symbol of very rich people, but now most can afford them on different occasions.

Next time you decide to spoil yourself and enjoy in easily attained luxury which limo would you choose?

Tell us in the comments.

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