What to expect inside a limo

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A limo has passed by you, you spotted its exterior extravagance, but the heavily tinted windows didn’t allow you to peek inside. Nevertheless, your vivid imagination starts its work and you make your version of inside a limo design.

To make things more clear and precise, in this article, we will give you a detailed description of the interior design and what to expect inside a limo.

What is inside a limo?

  • An Aux Input
  • A stereo system
  • Flat-screen LCD TVs
  • A DVD player
  • A Mini-bar
  • Neon lights in several colors
  • Comfortable and leather seats
  • Moon roof
  • Climate control
  • Power privacy division

1. An Aux Input

Is there anything better than a ride with your music in the background?

Just a rhetorical question, of course, there isn’t.

Inside a limo, you can have that kind of fun!

Just bring your small device – a phone, tablet, iPad, and connect it straight to limo’s stereo system and turn up your music.

Limousines will provide you with auxiliary inputs for connecting your device and play the music directly as you create your playlist.

Or, a chauffeur can do that for you, while you relax in the back and soak up the city, consumed with comfort, glamour, and a great time.

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2. A Stereo system

And how to enjoy your music without a perfect and loud stereo system?

It’s impossible, right?

Don’t worry, because inside a limo is where the magic happens!

Limousines are equipped with high-class quality stereo systems. These boast impressive equalizers, amplifiers, and nice speakers that will groove and give out the sound equally.

This way everyone can enjoy the music loud and clear, no matter where they are seated inside a limo.

An amenity like this one is available inside of most luxurious and expensive cars such as a Hummer limo, Excursion, and Limo bus.

Choosing them for your special occasion can’t be a wrong choice, actually, you and your man/woman, friends will have a real blast!

3. Flat-screen LCD TVs

Inside a limo, you will find flat-screen LCD TVs on which you can watch your favorite movies and from different positions inside the car.

Watching movies is perfect for long rides, the one that lasts more than one hour.

Be ready and bring your favorite choices or the new ones that you didn’t have the chance to watch.

Everyone inside a limo will have the perfect angle to follow every twist that the movie brings.

You can enjoy the ride and relax while watching your favorite movie on the deluxe flat screens.

4. A DVD player

Limo’s amenities do not end with flat screens, furthermore, they have in-built DVD players installed in them.

This feature provides you with playing your movies, the ones that you brought exclusively for your long ride.

For example, if you want to play a movie that matches your theme night, such as a Halloween horror during your Halloween tour, there is no limitation inside a limo!

You can play the movie and keep the Halloween vibes, while in the background the high-class stereo system enhances the experience.

Or a Christmas movie during the winter holidays? Keep the Christmas spirit alive while traveling with your friends, family, and loved ones.

5. A Mini-bar is a must inside a limo

To make the ride complete, you need a fresh drink!

Inside a limo, you will find a mini-bar that will supply you with wine holders and refrigerated ice bins that will fit in perfectly with your special occasion.

For example, when you are raising a toast, besides your beautiful speech, clean glasses and the right drink will keep the merriment going.

A mini-bar is always cool and stocked up with stemware, ice, bottled water, and sometimes soda.

You can bring your liquor and enjoy the ride in your own style, cheering with your friends while having the time of your lives!

Also, crystal clear champagne glass holders are a reflection of the finest luxury you can only find inside a limo.

6. Neon lights in several colors

To create the perfect atmosphere inside a limo, you can adjust rich color-changing neon lights, positioned on the ceiling.

They will set the mood according to your preferences and add some magic, bringing the sophistication in gold and other colors to your ride.

7. Comfortable and leather seats are a must inside a limo

Limousines are the symbol of luxury and comfort. Leather seats play the biggest role in providing luxurious comfort.

Limo’s seats are designed in a different style in comparison to the regular car seats.

Stretch limos are designed in a bench-like manner and they can accommodate up to 18 people.

Their setting provides enough space and room for every passenger inside a limo, giving enough legroom to stretch out as much as you need.

Forget about seat limitations that come with buses and regular cars, inside a limo you can sit back and ride like royalty.

If you are riding with your friends, you can relax in the soft leather seats or cuddle with your better half, while toasting to your love.

8. Moon roof

If you are cruising through the city, you can open up the moon roof and feel how vibrant and alive the city is.

Or, if you want something more romantic, you can just watch the stars and feel how the fresh breeze strokes your hair.

Tip: Be careful and don’t stand up and watch through the moon roof while the limo is moving!

Sit back in the comfortable seats and listen to the city’s noise or enjoy the silence followed by the starry moonlight night.

9. Climate control

Inside a limo, you will have full control over the climate options within your space.

Limousines are equipped with both a front cockpit and rear climate control that will help you adjust the climate according to your desires.

10. Power Privacy Division

Most limousines integrate a power privacy division that separates the passengers from the driver’s part.

That way, you will feel free to relax inside a limo and enjoy fully with your friends and loved ones.

In case you need the driver’s assistance, there is a button that will open the window that separates you, and he will be able to respond to all your questions.

How many doors does a limo have?

Both sedan limousines and stretch limousines have four doors.

Of course, there are always some exceptions – for easier entering and exiting of the limo, The Lincoln 120 ultra-stretch model has five doors.

It is very important to know that opening and closing the door is the chauffeur’s job. In case you forget and do it yourself, you’d show them disrespect.

Chauffeurs take their role very seriously, so just enjoy the ride, and let them do their job.

Can you stand inside a limo?

Even though it seems entertaining to stand and wave to people while the limo is moving, it is unsafe to stand in a limo.

After all, the limo is a moving vehicle, and if the driver is obliged to stop, the passengers are at risk to get hurt.

This is the reason why the new generation limousines are built without the sunroofs. Safety first!


Now you know what to expect inside a limo: soft and comfortable seats, large flat-screen TVs, a DVD player, a stereo system, a mini-bar, a light show, and air conditioning.

But is it enough just to know what to expect inside a limo?

Check out the interior of some luxurious limousines in this video.

We can only do so much to depict what the inside of a limo looks and feels like.

Read about occasions in which you can hire a limo.

It is best that you experience it yourself. So, don’t miss an opportunity to ride in them and feel like a celebrity.

Rent a limo, and have a luxury ride to remember!