Places to Visit in Geneva + Amazing Things to Do

  • December 30, 2021

There are many places to visit in Geneva, a city of half a million people and the second biggest city in Switzerland. Our list of these places includes Jet d’Eau, Palace of Nations, Bastions park and some other. Read about them here.

5 Top Tips for Visiting Switzerland

  • December 14, 2021

If you appreciate natural beauties, visiting Switzerland promises to be a unique and life-changing experience. Sights of dazzling lakes, fearless mountain peaks like Matterhorn, and scenic hikes will put a lasting effect on your vacation. But before you start planning the journey and packing your bags, we wanted to offer 5 useful tips when planning on traveling […]

Best Luxury Cars 2021 Review

  • November 29, 2021

It seems like car manufacturers never stop to amaze us – luxury cars 2021 speak volumes about this fact. What are luxury cars 2021? They provide the highest comfort, outstanding performance, smooth and sophisticated ride, and a combo that automatically creates the best brand image on four wheels. In this article, we will update you […]

A Complete Guide to Airports in Switzerland

  • November 11, 2021

Creating an airline traffic web straight in the core of Europe, airports in Switzerland are the starting points for travels throughout the entire continent and to more faraway destinations. Several international and private airports arrange domestic flights in and out of the country. Besides the perfect flight organization, their excellent services include tasty pre-flight meals […]

7 Tips For an Amazing Bachelorette Party

  • October 27, 2021

The rumor has it that a bachelorette party means a lot of fun and crazy time before sailing into a life of never-ending commitment. Do you want to surprise your best friend, a bride-to-be, with an immaculate organization implemented into a unique celebration? If so, here is a guide that will lead you straight to […]

Stretch Limo vs. Limousine – Are They the Same?

  • October 14, 2021

In the ultra-luxurious world, limousines with their attractive design and numerous amenities hold an important place. There is no better candidate for elegant and solemn occasions than a limo. If we peek into the latest trends, there are two models in high demand – the traditional limousine and a stretch limo. The second one is […]

8 Best Places to Visit in Switzerland in Winter

  • September 27, 2021

Even though its beauty is indisputable, Switzerland in winter reaches the highest level of magic. Gazing into the sun while stepping on the white carpet surrounded by picturesque landscapes is a special experience. The Swiss are lucky to have the most efficient railway system that can easily take you to different parts of the country. […]

What to Do During Winter in Geneva, Switzerland?

  • September 16, 2021

Winter in Geneva is such a delight – you’ll find comfort in elegant and rustic restaurants, be blown away by Christmas markets, and have a lot of fun on the snowy slopes nearby. These are just some out of the many interesting things that await you there. The city looks completely different during winter, promising […]

Swiss Travel – Luxurious Ways You Can Explore and Enjoy Switzerland

  • August 27, 2021

Are you getting ready for the upcoming Swiss travel? Well, exploring Switzerland has never been easier! Traffic network works in impeccable ways, you can get the all-in-one ticket Swiss Travel Pass or enjoy a luxurious train ride with Glacier Express. For a more private experience, you can hire a limousine service in Switzerland and pour […]

Ski Resorts near Geneva – Our Top 10 Choices

  • August 16, 2021

Geneva Airport declared as the “Best Airport” by World Snow Awards, represents one of the greatest transfer points to all ski areas near Geneva. The airport operates efficiently with outstanding links to the most famous ski resorts. During the high season, Geneva opens the Terminal 2 building intending to handle all the additional traffic. It […]